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Postby knighthawk » Sun Jan 24, 2010 6:44 pm ... s_id=77905

Yes, you just read that right! Dave "Knighthawk" Simpson's first collection of games are up on RPGNOW, and ready for download! Get 4 great minigames for only $4.00!! That's only $1 per game!

Download the pack and you'll get:

Tug-O-War! - the convention classic that has sold out at Ubercon '09 and OGC '09! - 2 player game. Compete to pull the flag towards your goal!
Cross Section - A wacky race for 4 players!
Up and Out - The morning routine race for as many players as you can gather!
And Tank Commander - a 2 player tactical game of tank combat!

Pick it now, and I'll see you all at Dreamation! ... s_id=77905 ... s_id=78153

Hey Uberconners!
My second pack of games are up online right now for your enjoyment! Same as before, only $4 for 4 games! What can you find in the newest pack? Here's what you get:

DROP ZONE - A physical game where players attempt to get their tokens into appropriate areas for big points!
MATH CONNECTION - Using dice and basic math (or higher math for more mathmatically advanced groups) and attempt to 5 in a row!
GRID SLIDER - Push, Pull, and Flick your way to a high score!
NUMERIC DOMINATION - Numeric advantage! Conquer a quadrant and achieve victory!

Again, get your copy now, and I'll be signing them at Double Exposure's Dreamation 2010! ... s_id=78153
Check out my site at :
or buy some from my huge games lot at : ... aheadQ5fnj
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