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SCHEDULING - how important is it really?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:00 pm
by Vladimir the Dragon
Fellow Uberconners-

We see a lot of you and repeat events, but I wanted to better understand - would being able to see prior con's schedules help you envision how <insert current con> con's schedule will turn out? I know that it's frustrating to sign up for an event with few events (as is always the case when my minions first enable it), but as we approach 200 events, I find this is typical. Or 300.

Once, a long time ago, my minions simply modified the db and effectively copied/pasted it into the new con. Um - horrible gnashing of teeth were heard and I ended up having to eat some of the Directors. Very sad. But - what if we could have examples posted so that you felt more comfortable knowing you were choosing from a varied smorgasbord rather than using your early bird just to ensure you got first dibs?

Just wondering. If none of this makes sense, please see your Asst GM Frost to blame Kevin. It's prolly his fault... and I am getting hungry again.