Seeking donations for one of our own

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Seeking donations for one of our own

Postby GnTar » Wed Jun 09, 2010 3:48 pm

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"On June 8th, Alyssa Smith, an editor in the publishing industry, guest director for UberCon, and personal friend of mine, received a phone call at work. The call, from her landlord, informed Alyssa that her apartment was on fire. The fire had apparently begun in the unit below hers, but her home was now ablaze as well.

She returned home to find all of her possessions destroyed and her beloved pet sun conures missing and presumed dead.

Without renter's insurance, and with her landlord's estimate of 2+ months to repair damage to her home, Alyssa is in dire straits of the sort that any of us could find ourselves in. I made a donation immediately, but wanted to do more.

I had a short story which had been featured on my website in a rough form, under the title Night and Day. But when Alyssa's situation led me to ask what I could offer as incentive for folks to donate to her cause, I sat down overnight on June 8th and rewrote it.

Now, doubled in length, retitled, and formatted as a .pdf, I am offering it as a Thank You for anyone who donates any amount, no matter how small, to Alyssa at least throughout the month of June, 2010. Simply make a donation of any amount to Alyssa at the link below, and write me at I will send you a copy of A New Beginning in a .pdf format immediately.

We are, most of us, one disaster away from a similar situation. One car accident, one house fire, one earthquake or tornado, one serious medical condition, or the like, and a lifetime of hard work and careful planning is destroyed. Coming together to help one another is an important part of what makes us a community, whether that's defined by location, religion, politics, or in this case, our love of reading and writing. This is my way of helping another member of our community. I hope it inspires you to make a donation to help as well.

Donations to Alyssa can be made through the donation button here: This account has been set up by Alyssa's trusted friend, Rose Fox, and all funds donated to it will go directly to Alyssa.

I thank you for your time, for your generosity, and hope you'll enjoy my story. - Jess Hartley"
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