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UberCon XIV : Dealers/Exhibitors

We are currently booking tables for UberCon XIV (To Be Announced).

You can still participate in UberCon XIV! UberCon provides excellent exposure for your company and/or product. In addition to exhibiting in our Dealer Room, you can participate in several other ways:

  • Demo New Games/Products: Demonstrations of new games are very popular at UberCon. Work with our event coordinator to set up times and locations for demos, or run them at your booth throughout the convention!
  • Sell Products: Gaming supplies were in demand at UberCon, from dice to CCG packs, miniatures to painting supplies. Attendees are often collectors of comic/fantasy/sci-fi art and related merchandise.
  • Run Games/Events: Running a game, tournament or event is excellent exposure and makes a statement that you are an authority in that game/genre. Work with our event coordinator regarding availibility of space or times.

    Do you run events at your retail store each weekend? Run them at UberCon that week to expose your store to more potential customers.

The UberCon Dealer Room includes a wide range of vendors, including Game and Comic retailers, game manufacturers, costumers, fantasy weapon dealers, chainmail makers, and much more! We would like to see several other types of products for sale, such as computer hardware, crystal, glass products, even more comics, art, tshirts, etc.

Contact Us if you are interested in participating in UberCon XIV.

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