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UberCon XIV - New Jersey
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All games, tournaments, and other events are listed in our easy-to-use online schedule. It's fully searchable, so if you're looking for all "Living Greyhawk" events on Saturday, they're easy to find. You can also find out who is running the event, where it's located, how long it will run, and more.

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Our schedule is alive. We desire a reliable event schedule. However, an "evolving" schedule is the norm in gaming conventions. Things change. Typically 200+ events, we update and add right up until the start of the con!

While you're at UberCon, event schedules are available in the Souvenir Program which is free to all attendees. Plus, the day's schedule is posted near every gaming room, as well as on posters in public areas of the hotel.

And (here's the coolest part) your UberCon ID # (assigned when you register) grants you access to MyUberCon - which stores a list of the events that you have preregistered for. Pull up your personal UberCon schedule via MyUberCon - either before you come to the con, or while you're there!

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