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Alcohol Software Alcohol Software
UberCon uses Alcohol 52% to eliminate the need for CDs within our LAN, easily and legally. By using virtual CDs, players can switch games without having to visit the admin station for a new game.

Audible (www.audible.com) is the Internet's largest, most diverse provider of premium spoken audio services for content download and playback on personal computers, CD or AudibleReady(R) computer-based mobile devices. Audible has more than 52,000 hours of audio programs and 175 content partners that include leading audiobook publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers and business information providers.

Audible addresses the common complaint, "I don't have enough time to read as much as I want to or need to." Audible.com's Internet audio service can alternatively be thought of as "books on tape without the tape and more than just books," or "audio downloads for the time-starved set" or just a really cool way to get $100 off the cost of an iPod or PDA with a one-year membership.

Buttkicker Gamer Buttkicker Gamer
NEW! ButtKicker Gamer. Live the Game; feel the music. Feel the low end without making the room loud. Turn down or turn off your subwoofer and still feel all the bass you want. Ideal for apartment or dormitory use. Experience powerful bass even while using headphones. For workplace or home, the ButtKicker Gamer easily attaches to most standard center post chairs.

Cooler Master Cooler Master
Cooler Master was founded with the mission of providing the industry's best thermal solutions. Since its establishment a decade ago, the company has remained faithful to this mission, emerging as a world leader in products and services for companies dealing with devices where heat issues must be resolved. Cooler Master's current business encompasses a comprehensive lineup of thermal solutions for a full range of applications. Its products range from heat sinks and fans to component housing, chassis, and ducting for computers, industrial machinery, telecommunications equipment, and many other devices.

DU Meter DU Meter
DU Meter monitors your Internet connection. It shows graphs and keeps logs of your computer's network usage. With DU Meter, you will always know when your link to the Internet is working well or poorly. If you are concerned about excessive downloads or file sharing, DU Meter's proactive alerts and actions will keep your peace of mind. DU Meter works with any kind of network connection, very light and unobtrusive.

Dwarven Forge Dwarven Forge
All MasterMaze products are cast in durable poly-resin and come fully hand-painted by skilled artisans to Stefan's exact specifications. The quality, durability and detail can only really be appreciated by holding the product in your own hand. From the felt on the bottom of each piece (to protect your tabletop) to the custom-cut styrofoam storage container, Dwarven Forge guarantees satisfaction.

Eagle Games Eagle Games

DD Tournament Poker: No Limit Texas Hold'em PC Game
Sid Meier's Civilization: The Boardgame
Age of Mythology: The Boardgame
Attack! and Attack! Expansion
Lord of the Rings for Children

Coming soon:
Sid Meier's Pirates: The Boardgame

Gear Grip Gear Grip
Established in early 2000, CaseAce Products is rapidly emerging as the innovation leader in the exploding LAN gaming world. Their GearGrip product line has been extremely well received by gamers and computer enthusiasts around the world.

Ion Drum Rocker Ion Drum Rocker
Drum Rocker delivers the most realistic drumming experience available to any gamer, regardless of platform. That's because it was built by the engineers at Alesis, one of the largest manufacturers of professional electronic drums in the world. As a result, you get a kit that's designed to take a real beating, with all the positioning flexibility that professional drummers demand. While other drum controllers lock you down to a pre-molded plastic array of pads, Drum Rocker's professional aluminum drum rack lets you position your snare, tom and cymbal pads wherever you want. When you're ready to move from playing Rock Band to playing in a rock band, you can swap the game controller module with one of the professional drum brains made by Alesis, and you're ready to hit the road for real!

Jolt Gum Jolt Gum
We have a special deal negotiated with Jolt Gum for UberCon attendees - visit www.joltgum.com and use the coupon code "ubercon" to receive 20% off your order!
Want to try before you buy? Look for Jolt Gum samples in your UberCon VI goodie bag!

Momints Momints
Momints are very cool liquid mints in a small container - small enough to fit in that tiny pocket in your jeans, or even in a pack of cigarettes. Watch for new wintergreen and cinnamon Momints!

Powering the hottest games. Delivering stunning cinematic graphics: There’s a good reason why NVIDIA is the platform of choice for PC gamers worldwide." We continue to be proudly supported by NVIDIA for UberCon IX!

OCZ Technology was built around the determination to manufacture the best high speed DDR and RDRAM. OCZ was founded by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, and our commitment to the end-user has not digressed. By staying ahead of the curve, OCZ has maintained a steady lead in front of the competition, bringing advanced technologies and real solutions to market while simultaneously building our reputation as a technology leader.

Out of the Box Out of the Box
Welcome to Out of the Box Publishing...
Games should be fun. They provide delightful diversions to our lives. Most importantly, games bring us together – for real entertainment with real people.
Out of the Box Publishing creates innovative party, card and board games that provide fresh, fun and engaging ways to enjoy time with friends and family. Games that:
* can be learned in minutes.
* are colorfully illustrated and fun to play.
* can easily be played in less than an hour.
* are efficiently designed in smart packaging.
* feature dynamic player interaction from start to finish.
In five short years Out of the Box Publishing has become a leading American game company. We are the proud recipients of the most prestigious awards in the game world.

PopCap Games PopCap Games
Fun, Free, Addictive Games

By The Numbers

Number of copies of PopCap's games downloaded in the past five years (350,000,000)
Number of units sold of PopCap's flagship franchise Bejeweled since 2001 (10,000,000)
Number of unique visitors to PopCap.com each month (7,000,000)
Approx. number of minutes consumed playing PopCap's games on the Web each month (3 billion)
Estimated number of hours consumed playing PopCap's games across all platforms each year (2 billion)
Estimated number of hours consumed playing games designed/developed by PopCap's Chief Creative Officer over the past 8 years (10 billion+)
Percentage of PopCap's customer base that is female (76%)
Percentage of PopCap's customer base that is 30 or older (89%)

Reaper Miniatures Reaper Miniatures
Reaper is a well-respected maker of fantasy and sci-fi miniatures and games. Their products including the popular Dark Heaven line of fantasy minis and a new (and very good looking) line of mechas and vehicles. Their website also includes painting and terrain building tips.

RedOctane RedOctane
RedOctane designs, manufactures, and markets high end gaming peripherals. From the precision feel, durable construction, and quality parts, every RedOctane peripheral is designed to recreate the arcade experience at home. You can find RedOctane products online at the RedOctane store and through select retailers such as Electronics Boutique, GameStop, Best Buy, and Toys R Us.

RedOctane sponsors the DDR tournaments at Ubercon!


UGO Video Games & Entertainment UGO Video Games & Entertainment
UGO Entertainment has devoted the last 10+ years to serving this audience. The company's flagship website, UGO.com, and its owned and operated properties provide quality interactive content and editorial for more than 35 million monthly unique visitors around all things central to the Gamer Lifestyle: Movies, TV shows, Music, Comics, Technology, Gadgets, Gear, Girls, Sports, and of course, Games. We know Gamers because we are Gamers. We share their "what's next" obsession. Like most Gamers, the Web is our medium of choice and we use it ceaselessly to fuel their lifestyles, to entertain them and to give them maximum info on the latest developments.

Valve Software Valve Software

Valve is an entertainment software company founded in 1996 by Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington and based in Kirkland, Washington. Valve's debut product, Half-Life, released in November, 1998, has won more than 50 Game of the Year honors worldwide and has been called "a smash hit" by the Wall Street Journal. Half-Life was named "Best PC Game Ever" in the November 1999 issue of PC Gamer, the world's best-selling PC games magazine. Half-Life is published by Sierra Studios.

Today, Valve comprises over 50 of the industry's leading artists, programmers, and writers. In the company's six-year history, it has risen from "unlikely new entry" to industry leader - producing a string of best-selling, critically-acclaimed PC entertainment products.


Wizards of the Coast Wizards of the Coast
Wizards of The Coast develop and publish trading card games such as Magic, Harry Potter and Pokemon, tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu and Star Wars, novels, magazines, family card and board games, and electronic media products.

WizKids WizKids
WizKids is taking the gaming industry by storm. Their miniatures line uses the unique "combat dial", and is designed to play right out of the box. Current popular titles include Marvel & DC Heroclix, Halo Actionclix and Star Wars Poketmodel TCG.

WraptorSkinz WraptorSkinz
WraptorSkinz are self adhering vinyl skins that help prevent scratches and look great doing it. Unlike bulky silicon, plastic or metal cases and faceplates, WraptorSkinz are designed to be thin and very tough. WraptorSkinz are a composite of two layers of commercial grade materials. The bottom layer is a soft, flexible vinyl with a special removable adhesive that is easily positioned, applied without air bubbles, and effortlessly removed without leaving a sticky residue. Next we print the bottom layer with UV protected, fade resistant inks that deliver superb photo quality designs in vibrant colors. Finally we bond a professional grade laminate over the entire skin adding a glossy protective finish.

WraptorSkinz will also be providing our Rock Band 2 Tournament Grand Prize and will be providing a variety of skins for our consoles so check them out at the convention.

Interested in Sponsorship of UberCon?
Nokia Sponsorship above the Registration Desk Your company or organization can participate in UberCon in a number of ways. Send a demo team, donate prizes, display in our Dealer Room, and much, much more!

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